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Frequently Asked Questions 

Does hormone coaching replace medical advice?

No, this service does not replace medical advice. Hormone Coaches are hormone support sisters, and serve to empower, to educate, and to guide you in cycle syncing tips, education, and natural tools suggestions. All medical advice should be sought from your medical provider.


I am on a hormonal birth control, but want to get off. Can you provide education and support as I transition off of the birth control method I am on?

Absolutely! As a Certified Hormone Coach, my job is to affirm you and to encourage you to get to know the language of your hormones, and as you transition off the birth control method you are using, we will discover together how to support your body through that process and bring restoration to your natural body. (Please also work with your doctor when getting off your birth control method)

Can I learn how to naturally avoid or achieve pregnancy through your program offerings?

Yes! In addition to being a Certified Hormone Coach, I am also a Certified FEMM Charting Instructor. FEMM is a science-based method that focuses on helping women achieve hormonal balance, no matter what your fertility goals are. You can learn how to monitor “key biomarkers” that help identify when you’re ovulating, when you’re fertile, when you’re not, as well as each cycle phase.

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