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Living Well.

with Taylor Allmand

Helping women develop a cycle strategy to overcome PMS symptoms and optimize hormonal health.

Hi There!

I am a wife, dog mom and mom to our baby boy, outdoor enthusiast and I am extremely passionate about health and wellness, specifically the woman’s feminine design created and gifted by God.


As a Certified Hormone Coach and FEMM Charting Instructor I am trained to understand the fundamental truths of the feminine design, teach women how to naturally chart their cycle, use tools to help women balance hormones, and utilize natural products and solutions to empower and help women feel their best.


The world is filled with an abundance of information and various opinions on the most effective ways to care for our bodies. This often leads to feeling overwhelmed and confused, making it difficult to decide which solutions, tools, and products are beneficial for our bodies. Over time, I’ve realized that using natural products, charting my menstrual cycle, and consulting with like-minded women who understand the true feminine design is the perfect recipe for recognizing and believing that we were made with intention and purpose. As women, we deserve to say “yes” to the way our bodies were made and embrace the dignity of our design.

If you have been searching for more purpose and guidance when it comes to your health, hormones, and lifestyle - head over to the "Hormone Wellness Program" tab to learn more about my coaching program and schedule your FREE 30 minute consultation today!

"When I first started the Hormone Coaching program I was constantly looking for energy in caffeine, I was stressed, anxious, depressed most of the time, and always had gut issues. After completing the program, I can honestly say this is the best I've felt in over 2 years and I've learned how to make simple swaps in my everyday life to have happy and healthy hormones. My mental health has improved, I have more energy and motivation, my skin has cleared up, and I've even dropped 15 pounds! I feel so confident again and I'm thankful for Taylor and everything she has taught me."

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